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The new Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE) partially transposes Directive 2002/91 / CE, of December 16, relating to the energy efficiency of buildings, setting the minimum requirements of energy efficiency that must be met by the thermal installations of new and existing buildings, and a procedure for periodic inspection of boilers and air conditioning systems.
The Regulation is developed with a focus based on benefits or objectives, that is, expressing the requirements that thermal installations must meet without forcing the use of a specific technique or material or preventing the introduction of new technologies and concepts in terms of design, to the traditional approach of prescriptive regulations that consist of a set of detailed technical specifications that present the disadvantage of limiting the range of acceptable solutions, and prevent the use of new products and innovative techniques.
The technical instruction IT3 of the RITE establishes the obligation to design specific maintenance programs for the thermal installations of buildings, which must contain the programming of the necessary tasks, as well as the procedures for documentation and archiving of all the preventive and repair actions that take place in each specific installation. The maintenance programs, as well as the records foreseen in them, will allow third parties to verify that the benefits provided in each installation are maintained.
The design of these programs and their respective procedures of compilation and control of the generated information will be the responsibility of the authorized maintenance companies to which the service of each installation is entrusted, by means of the subscription of the corresponding contract with the owners and users and of the technical directors of maintenance, when it is mandatory.
In all cases, the responsibility for the implementation of all the maintenance work specified in the regulations will fall on the owners and users of the facilities.
E3 Integral Energy Solutions S.L. is registered in the Integrated Industrial Register as an installation / maintainer / repair company

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